Highlights in Sakai 11+ include:

On August 14, 2018, Claremont Sakai was upgraded to Version 11+ just before the Version 12. This upgrade brings a host of new architecture improvements, improved features and tools including a user-friendly mobile experience, that will be much easier to navigate.

In order to see all the new changes to Claremont Sakai, you need to clear your web browser cache. Find how to clear your browser cache.

If you are new to Sakai or haven't used it in a while, Sakai User Guide in Help link to external site is a great start to know Claremont Sakai.

Responsive User Interface

Sakai 11+ uses responsive design, which resizes itself intelligently to fit the screen of your desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. It improves mobile users' accessibility as well as screen-reader compatibility. A number of functional enhancements include:

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Favorite Your Sites

Sakai 11+ has better control over the sites listed in the top navigation with quick favoriting/pinning features. Sites will always be available via the Sites tab at the top right corner. This feature allows you to easily organize/navigate the sites you have access to. The Sites tab also provides the ability to search and categorize sites based on type. Find how to favorite your sites.

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Grade with Ease

The new Gradebook tool is designed to provide faster, easier grade-entry capability, such as:

Find how to use gradebook.

Please note that Gladebook Classic is scheduled to be deprecated next upgrade (2019).

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Better MathML and LaTeX Support

Sakai 11+ can display LaTeX equations as mathematical notation on all tools that have WYSIWYG HTML Editor. This will improve the presentation and accessibility of math and science notation through the availability of LaTeX markup. Getting started, here is the LaTeX Cheat Sheet link to external site for you.

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Simple and Quick Lessons

The Lessons tool can be more easily picked up and used to deliver content with simpler menus and clearer instructions. These include:

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Checklist on Lessons

Instructors are able to add a checklist for students to their Lessons. The checklist allows students to self-report their progress and instructors to know student's progress. Find how to add a checklist.

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Improved Tests & Quizzes

The Tests & Quizzes tool in Sakai 11+ has a number of new features and improvements, including:

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Softly Delete Sites

By default, when a site is deleted it is now only actually 'softly deleted' and will be recoverable for a period of 180 days (6 months). To recover a site, use the Worksite Setup tool, select "Softly deleted sites" and choose the sites that you wish to restore. The deleted sites will be cleaned out regularly by an automated script.

Please note that while this is a Sakai 11 feature, Claremont Sakai has had this feature enabled since Claremont Sakai 10.7. Sakai admin backported and added this feature into Claremont Sakai 10.7 to better serve our users.

Find more about how to restore deleted sites.

Please also note that users can restore accidentally deleted files/folders without an admin's help. Find how to restore deleted resources.

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How can I find my courses in Sakai 11+ after logging in?

  1. Click the Sites tab in the top right corner.
  2. Enter "FA18" in the Filter Sites at the left corner. You should see your FA18 course sites. If you cannot find your desired sites, go through step 5-7 in order to add your desired sites into the Sites drawer.
  3. Once you find your sites, click the star next to your FA18 course sites.
  4. Click the Organize Favorites and reorganize your FA18 course sites.
    Optional Steps (Steps 5-7 are only required if you cannot find your sites in the Sites drawer):
  5. click the Worksite Setup tab in the left menu bar of your Home site
  6. Search "FA18" in your search box at the right corner
  7. Click your desired sites under Worksite Title. Now you should see your FA18 course sites in the banner at the top of the page. In order to make them favorites, refer back to step 1-4.
  8. Note: Only the first six (6) ranks will be visible at the top of the page. If you would like to see a specific course site in the top banner, make sure it is ordered to be in one of the first six positions.

    Note: Graduate school course sites may be different.

    Here is further information about how to navigate your sites

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How can I log out of Sakai 11+?

  1. The Logout link is located at the top right of the screen where you see your name. If you're using a mobile device, just tap the profile image.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select the Log Out option.
  3. For best security practice, log out and close your browser if you are leaving the computer, especially if you're using a device located in a public location. It's important to protect access to your courses and sites in Sakai. Logging out and closing your browser helps you to do this.

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Known Issue and Workaround

  1. Lessons: Cancel button does not work as expected. If you are using "Cancel" button on Settings of Lessons when you try to modify the settings but don't want to save it, please note that the cancel button actually does not do anything. You should select your desired setting (or default setting) and make sure you save it again as a workaround.
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You can also find more information in the Sakai Community's Help pages.

Reference: Sakai 11 New Feature Summary retreived on Aug, 8, 2018.