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Ubersite Creation Request Guideline

An Ubersite allows you to have all the sections of your course into one consolidated site rather than several different sites. For example, if there is an ECON51 course with 3 sections, you can combine them into to one so that you can maintain files and tests for the whole course rather than doing it one by one for each section.

The guidelines to make one is as follows:

Ubersite Request Template

Ubersite Title What your Ubersite title will be. Please follow the course site title convention as follows: School_Abbreviation CourseName CourseNumber Semester. EX. CM ECON 111 FA19
FeederSite Info Which course sites you want to consilidate
Unpublished Status Do you want to unpublish your feeder sites or not? (Yes/No)

Fill out the template above, print it or create a PDF file, and submit to your respective IT department.