How do I grade students for their attendance?

Before you can grade students, you need to choose your preferred settings in the Grading tab.

Step 1 highlights the 'Grading' tab where the Grading page shows up once clicked. Step 2 highlights the area where you can edit the number of total points possible, as well as some other options. Step 3 highlights the text box where you can name the gradebook item. Step 4 highlights the options of either manually or automatically gradiing students' attendance. Step 5 highlights the 'Save Settings' button which confirms all changes that you made to the grading settings.
  1. Click on the Grading tab.
  2. Use the first text box to set the total possible points.
  3. Use the two subsequent checkboxes to choose whether you want to let students see their attendance grade and whether you want to sent the attendance grades to the gradebook. If you choose to send the grades to the gradebook, you can use the following text box to name the gradebook item.
  4. Then, use the radio buttons to choose between manual grading and automatic grading.
  5. If you choose manual grading, you can click Save Settings and start grading but if you choose automatic grading, you need to specify the rules and criteria.
Step 1 highlights the options that show up when automatic grading is chosen. Step 2 highlights the 'Save Settings' button that is used to confirm any changes made to the grading settings. Step 3 highlights a link to a help article on how to add rules. Step 4 highlights the area where once you have made an automatic grading rule, to add the rule to the attendance sheet. Step 5 highlights the 'Delete Rule' buttons, which can be used if there is a grading rule you wish to no longer use.
  1. If you select automatic grading, decide whether to give students full points and subtract for missed classes or give students zeros and award points for good attendance.
  2. If you've already added rules previously, you can click Save Settings but if you haven't added rules, you need to do so before you can use automatic grading.
  3. Click on the How do I add rules? link.
  4. Use the Status dropdown menu and subsequent text boxes to design a rule and then click Add Rule.
  5. Delete grading rules as you see fit by clicking Delete Rule.

Click on the Attendance By Student tab.

Step 1 highlights the text box where you can change grades manually or view the grade if it is automatic. Step 2 highlights the checkbox that allows you to override a grade, if using automatic grading.
  1. In the far right column of the table, you can either enter grades if manual grading is selected or view grades if automatic grading is selected.
  2. If you're using automatic grading, you can check the Override checkbox to manually enter grades as you see fit.