How do I notify site participants that content has been added to Resources?

Site owners can automatically notify participants via the Notifications feature that an item has been added to Resources. When used, site members receive an email containing details of the file or link that has been added to Resources.

Go to Resources.

Image of the Resources button

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Add a content item.

See any of the following articles for more information on adding items to Resources:

When adding an item, select High or Low notification.

Image of email notification options


  • When uploading a file, creating a web link, creating a text file, creating an HTML page or creating a citation, the Email Notification dialog box is displayed before confirming file creation.
  • Selecting "High" will result in an email being sent to every site participant.
  • Selecting "Low" will result in an email being sent to only those participants that have not opted out of "Low" level notifications in their workspace Preferences.