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Here are our resources regarding accessibility and online instruction. Ensuring accessibility in all of the tools and platforms we support is a priority of ITS and as we work through this unprecedented time we are also working to make sure that your online teaching can be as accessible to your students as possible.

Captioning Video 

Slide Deck for Summer 2020 Captioning Presentation (pdf)

How to use Zoom Auto Caption Feature (pdf)

How to Add Captioning in VidGrid (Link to VidGrid Help) 

How to auto-generate a captioning file (.vtt) with Microsoft Stream (pdf) 

How to Enable Subtitles in PowerPoint (pdf)

Under Construction: 

How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to Live Caption a Zoom Session 

How to add captions for videos on Box 



Accessibility Links

Pomona College Accessibility Resources and Services:

Pomona College Digital Accessibility:

Student Disability Resource Center:

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