Getting Started

Claremont Sakai provides "single sign on" capabilities to all Sakai users who have a college login id and password. Single sign-on will allow you to access any web services (that uses CAS) available to you by signing in once with your campus network username and password. This means once you log in to one service, all the others will become available without any additional login required.

Guest accounts can be created for non-Claremont Colleges users. If a guest account has been created for you, you should use your email address as your login name. Sakai will send you a temporary password in an email message.

  1. Login for Claremont Colleges users:
    1. Click the button at top-right for Login Click the "Login" button and this will redirect you to the CAS login page.
    2. To log on, you can either:
      1. type in your Sakai username (your username plus an @ followed by your institution's three-letter code (cgu, cmc, cuc, hmc, jsd, kgi, pom, ptz, scr), or
      2. choose the name of your college from "select your college" and then enter your college login id and password. If you select "Remember My College", you will not need to select your college on subsequent logins.

    If you are not sure of your username and/or password, please contact your college's representative here.

  2. Login for guest users:
    1. Click the button at top-right for "Guest Login"
    2. Enter your email address and temporary password
    3. Once you login you should change your password:
      1. Click the "My Workspace" tab along the top of the Sakai page
      2. Click the "Account" tool in the Menu Bar at right
      3. Click the "Modify Details" button and enter a new password
      4. Click the "Update Details" button to save your new password